#NatureForAll Projects

Successful growth of the #NatureForAll movement relies on a wide spectrum of partners undertaking actions big and small. 

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#NatureForAll Greenhouse

The #NatureForAll Greenhouse accepted applicants from around the world who are leading new and innovative projects that connect people to nature. In less than 6 weeks, 107 project overviews were received from 42 countries, with scopes ranging from local to global, technological to experiential, and at various stages of development.


The Nature Playbook 

The Nature Playbook is a strategy to connect young people with Nature in Canada. It is meant to guide and inspire actions that all Canadians can take to connect a new generation with Nature.


Social Media Campaigns

Social media is a powerful and universal tool for connecting with an audience and a repository for content, which can come from anyone, anywhere. Partners are sharing #NatureForAll to a growing digital audience through unique campaigns across social media platforms