Growth of the #NatureForAll movement needs you undertaking actions big and small. 

You can take action to reverse current trends by integrating the power of nature into your daily life, your community, your school, or your work. 

Success will depend on a willingness to work collaboratively to share and build on our strengths
— Sean Southey, CEC Chair, #NatureForAll Task Force Co Chair

Take Action

Create your own play for Nature with #NatureForAll 


Share our story in a comic 

Teach your students how to have a voice for Nature. 

Lesson plans for UN World Environment Day

Toolkits and Resources


  • The Nature Conservancy of Canada is a science-based organization that uses the best available information to identify priority conservation actions. Learn from their research here

  • The Children & Nature Network curates and summarizes peer-reviewed scientific literature to help build the evidence base for advancing the children and nature movement. Read more here

  • WWF’s conservation work is grounded in science. WWF scientists develop innovative approaches and apply the best available information to efforts directed at meeting the needs of both nature and people in a changing world. Discover here

  • Research shows that spending more time in nature can improve your health, happiness and lead to better environmental decisions. Learn more from NatureRX here:.

Success Stories

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